I work in a corporation and travel extensively thru the country and abroad and I can’t afford for multiple visits messing up my business schedule. When my wife saw dr Malo in TV – I went for consultation and immediately decided to do it. They did it in 1 day – as advertised. Job well done!

~ Patient from Sweden

In my clinic they recommended bone regeneration in the upper jaw to place implants because there was not enough bone there. It would take 2 operations and I’d had to wait can 9 months for the implants to be placed and then another 6 months to put teeth on them. I was told about Dr Malo and I went for consultation. They said they’d do it in 1 day, I didn’t believe – so they explained thoroughly… I decided to do it and it was the best decision! I recommend Dr Paulo Malo to everyone!

~ Patient from Szczecin

I had some implants placed 9 years ago abut the bridge on the left started to move so I went to my clinic and they told me that the bridge and implants need to be removed. The other implants were ok. I new about the Malo method from TV and went there to check if they can do everything in one day. They removed bad implants and placed 2 new ones and on the evening of that day they put a new bridge on them all.
I am very grateful and lucky it was possible to do.  Thanks Malo Dental and Dr Malo !

~ Patient from Katowice