I work in a large company, I travel often around the country and abroad and I can’t afford frequent visits and being swollen and without teeth. Dr Malo settled it in 1 day and I returned to work after the weekend. Well done Dr. Malo! Thank you and I recommend it!

~ Andrzej from Wroclaw

For many years I had a lower denture, which was not very stable especially during eating and also during conversation. After watching the program of Dr Paulo Malo on TV I went for a consultation and then decided to implant 4 implants in the lower jaw. Everything was so fast and elegant that I honestly recommend it to everyone! Thank you Dr Malo and his wonderful team!

~ Maria from Warsaw

In Poznań, four implants were discouraged and I was offered bone reconstruction in the jaw. I would have my teeth the fastest after six months if everything went ok. In Warsaw, Dr. Malo did it in one day and for 3 years I don’t even remember that I have implants and I see a dentist once every six months. THIS is 21st century medicine! You pay and go out with your teeth. Congratulations, Thank you and I recommend!

~ Rafał from Poznań

I had implants implanted in another office in Warsaw but after a few years I lost two and the prosthesis had to be shortened. I was offered bone reconstruction but a friend told me about the Malo clinic from the TV program. Dr. Malo personally implanted implants and on the same day I went out with a new full denture. It was two years ago and to this day everything works perfectly and also on x-rays – as doctors say during the follow-up visit. I would recommend!

~ Zofia from Warsaw